A Integrated Aluminum Alloy Body Smooth Design Without Welding

The design was inspired by the elegant dolphins,it presented a small electric bikethrough ergonomics,which combined the"intelligence" and "smart",the toughness,lightness,strength make the Aluminum alloys more convenient, as a good companion for smart travelling

New Energy Choice For Car Power Lithium Cell For E-bike

Super-long range 35km,detachable battery cell, power adaptability in the high and low temperature.High efficient for discharging, no fear of high loading

Six intelligent protection

  • Short circuit
  • Overcurrent
  • double overcharge protection
  • Double overdischarge protection
  • Abnormal
    temperature protection
  • Undervoltage

Safety Steward System Guard Battery Safety

High power lithium battery, automotive energy recovery system,intelligent battery protection and support

Strong And High Speed Variable Frequency Motor

50W brushless high-performance power motor, high density sensor,effective energy saving and increased endurance

The operation noise is low, the start acceleration is smooth than the general electric moped, More reaction, "statically" waiting for the tide, surging power is ready to explode

Three Riding Mode Optionally Switch

Built-in three riding mode, it can be switched easily when riding meet different demand

  • Manpower modeNo power, use like a bicycle, zero battery consumption
  • Power assistant modeswitch on the power, no need to turn the handlebar to gently drive the foot
  • Electric modeturn on the power and turn the handlebar, no need to step foot ,it can be moved forward to

Abrasion-Proof Tire Strong Passing Ability

14 inch skid tire, suitable for all kinds of road surface,withstand impact load, stronger ability

Cement uneven flat dirt bricks stones

Enhance Waterproofing Comprehensively Improve Waterproofing Grade

Innovative sealed waterproof design,comprehensive improvement of waterproof performance No hindrance when riding on rainy and stagnant roads, IPX4 waterproof grade

ipx4waterproof level

Before And After The Double Disc Braking System

Front disc brake disc design,E-ABS antilock brake, efficient braking effectively shorten braking distance, quick response to ensure the safety of cycling

Fast Folding Portable Travel

With pole folding buckle design, 3 seconds fast folding, easy to put into the car trunk, go in and out of the elevator ,as a good companion for commuting

Intelligent Control Recording Instrument

The whole vehicle control brain LCD display instrument, accurate electric display, riding mileage, driving speed and so on ,control at any time

Led Night Lighting System

Embedded headlight design USES the highlight LED the wick, low power consumption high brightness

Model H2 micro electric bicycle Max speed 25km/h
Open size 1270*500*1030mm Pure electric range 15-20km
Folding size 1270*500*800mm Power assist range 25-35km
Frame materials Aluminum alloy Climb angle 15°
Net weight 23kg Max load 100kg
Rim size 14 inches Charging time 4-5h
Riding mode Human/power/electric Folding features Poling folding
The electric voltage 36V Seat height Can lift
The motor rated power 250W Battery detachable feature Plug type with mechanical lock
Lithium battery capacity 36V/5.2AH Light LED light
The power adapter 42V/1.5A

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