Simple Streamlined Sports Scooter Design

Design is not only the appearance,but also the ingenuity from the outside to the inside.

Simple and Beautiful
Simple streamlined sports scooter design

Intimate and comfortable Elbow curved sedal intrgrated design

Clever folding Simple round buckle design

Aesthetics with a Different Beauty

Travel Commuter Trilogy

40 Lithium Battery Cells

High volume of battery cells prolong the riding distance considerably

Automotive power lithium battery, with six smart protection

  • short circuit protection
  • overcurrent protection
  • double
    overcharge protection
  • double over discharge protection
  • abnormal temperature protection
  • undervoltage automatic sleep

Lithium Battery Revolution

Removable battery design and far from the ground, with a waterproof level of IP54, making it smooth in the rainy day.

Minimalist Folding Art

3 second fast folding,pleasant experience.

Press-type Acceleration free control of riding speed

Acceleration with a single press, long press for more than 6 seconds to cruise at a fixed speed.

350w Brushless High Performance Motor

10 inch anti-skid anti-vibration automotive grade vacuum tire.

Strong shock absorption
easy through speed bumps
and uneven pavement.

  • Speed bumps
  • Uneven pavement
  • Climbing angle

LED Headlight

Super bright headlight, high brightness LED light. Riding safely in the dark.

TaillightFlash when brake and in dark

Brake Triple Brake

Disc brake system and E-ABS anti-lock system High-efficiency braking and quick response safe and worry-free riding

  • Disc brake system
  • Electronic brake
  • Pedal brake

Details Focus on Quality

  • Fast rotation folding
  • DC charging interface
  • Accelerator/throttle
  • Intuitive grip design

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