Merry Christmas


Thank you all for your love and support in the past year. We wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year!


What are the Things to Consider When You Choose an Electric Scooter?


There are various elements you need to consider when choosing an electric scooter. You should always buy the electric scooter from a prominent and experienced manufacturer. You should target your customers first and then match their needs with the most relevant electric scooter. Request a price quote from the manufacturer beforehand to estimate the cost […]


What are the types of e-scooters?


Since electric scooters can be used by different people on different terrains, there are various types. Electric Kick Scooters Electric kick scooters consist of a handlebar, a standing deck with either two or three wheels. It comes with a very simple yet compact design that can be used for a short traveling time. The size […]


Thanks to all for visiting SmileScooter in Milan Fair


Thanks to all the friends for visiting us at EICMA/ Milan fair from 5th.Nov to 10th.Nov, 2019. We cherish the cooperation and will be dedicated to the stable quality & competitive strength. Thank you very much! 


SmileScooter in Milan Fair


Hey, friends, we have a great booth in Milan fair, and new scooters will be shown there. We are looking forward to meeting you then.  For more info about this fair, please check, Please contact me for confirmation if you plan to go there. Thank you!


Is your electric scooter tire leaking air?


We received feedback from some of our customers recently, saying that the quality of our e-scooters is very good, especially for the tires. However, they have some other scooter brands always have problems, like air leaks. We are glad to know our scooter has positive feedback and would like to share what we do to […]


Big News for Small Mobility: E-Scooters Finally Coming to Germany


What happened to the global electric scooter this week? At 3 pm, May 17, 2019, German time, after a heated debate on road safety and the impact on traffic, the German House of Lords (Bundesrat) passed a proposal made by the Minister of Transport, Andreas Schell, approved the electric scooter to drive on the road. […]


The past and future of electric scooters


There are shared bicycles in China and many other countries. In recent years, however, electric scooters have attracted more and more attention, and in some European and American cities, they have even become the main force of personal mobility. Today, Smilescooter takes everyone through the history of electric scooters. Electric skateboards are based on traditional […]


Happy Easter!


When Is Easter Sunday 2019? It is 21st.April, on Sunday. Easter Sunday is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, as written in the Christian bible. What Do People Do? Many Christians worldwide celebrate Easter with special church services, music, candlelight, flowers and the ringing of […]


Do you know what certification the electric scooter needs when importing?


1. International Certification IEC test report The IEC standard, the International Electrical Commission, is a worldwide standardization organization composed of electrotechnical committees from many countries. Its purpose is to promote standardization in the world of electrical and electronic fields. Founded in 1906, the IEC is the world’s first international standardization organization. The IEC is just […]


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